Hot Sardine open sandwich recipe

Discount isle kid strikes again! This time a pack of 6 Sardines for 50p. I remember the conversation with Sue went something like “There are Sardines at 50p shall I or is that a fish too far?” We went for it and this was the result. It’s worth noting that we don’t often have fish as it’s usually over our self imposed £2 per meal per person budget and also Sue isn’t that keen. But we both really enjoyed this little creation.

Sue used half of one of her Gluten free buns ( Recipe here  ) But any good sized bun cut in half and toasted will do the job.

Ingredients for the topping:-

Fresh herbs
Salt and Pepper
Grated cheese / Italian style cheese

Garlic butter - Additional extra


(1) If the Sardines have not been cleaned the easiest option is probably just to cut the fillets off with a sharp boning knife.
(2) Chop the Tomatoes and Onions.
(3) Fry the Onions in a little Oil until translucent.
(4) Add the Tomatoes, Herbs, Salt and Pepper and simmer to thicken. So that you end up with something similar to a Pizza sauce.
(5) Roast the additional vegetables in the oven with a little oil.
(6) Spread the Garlic Butter over the bun if you are using it and then spread the Tomato sauce oven this.
(7) Add a layer of roasted vegetables keeping half for another layer.
(8) Add your raw Sardine fillets.
(9) Spread another layer of roasted vegetables.
(10) Sprinkle with plenty of grated Cheese and Italian style Cheese if you wish.
(11) Place in the oven for about 10 minutes of 180C until the Cheese has melted and everything is heated well through.

We enjoyed ours with roast seasonal vegetables and fried cubed Potatoes sprinkles with a few bits of micro salad from our planter boxes.