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Cheesy Egg / Sausage stuffed Bhaji recipe

We we've said it before, low budget food doesn't need to be boring. The other evening having found a pack of Cumberland Sausages in the supermarket discounts we were blithering on about doing something a bit different with them. Well this was certainly different!
A sort of cross between a modified Scotch Egg and and Onion Bhaji
Egg filling:-
3 hard boiled Eggs
Grated mature Cheddar
Black Pepper
Sausage Case:-
6 Cumberland Sausages stripped from their casings
Onion Bhaji Covering:-
3 medium Onions
Gram Flour
Ground Cloves
Chilli Flakes
Baking powder
(1) When your Eggs have cooled make an Egg Mayonnaise and add the grated Cheese. You are looking for a fairly stiff consistency so you can roll it into balls by hand.
(2) Roll the Egg filling into balls a little smaller than a Golf ball.
(3) Wrap each ball in Sausage Meat.
(4) Mix your Bhaji mix so it is very stiff.
(5) Heat your oil to 160c
(6) Coat eat ball in Bhaji mix by hand. This is very messy!
(7) Deep fry individually for 10 to 12 minutes until the coating is crisp and brown.
(8) Cut the first in half to check that the cheese in the middle has melted and adjust your frying time accordingly.
We have hand cut chips, home made Coleslaw and Gluten free Garlic bread with ours.
They were outstanding!!!!!!

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