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Pulled Pork recipe, Eat well on Universal Credit

Originally an American invention to use the front parts of a Pig which we usually make into Sausages. Pulled Pork is a great way to use the ver cheapest cuts. This joint was less that £2. Yes it is a bit of boneless shoulder and yes it would heve been touch as old boots! But not this way.
Note:-  Sue is not keen on BBQ sauce so I used a simple gravy at the end of the process to moisten the meat.
Pork Shoulder cut. Bone in or out, it's down to what is available.
Stock, beef, chicken or if you have your own any base stock will work.
Sale & Pepper.
(1) Don't start this expecting to eat in less than 3 hours!.
(2) Turn the oven up to 200c or so.
(3) If using Stock Cube mix with boiling water stir well and set aside.
(4) Mix the Salt and Pepper with the Oil and rub the meat well.
(5) Add the Stock to an oven proof dish.
(6) Place the joint in the dish and put in the oven on a very high heat for the first 20 minutes.
(7) Lower the heat to 140c and cover with foil.
(8) Go away, take the kids out. Clean the loo. Do whatever will distract you from the cooking smells for at the very least 2 ½ hours.
(9) When the meat is really over cooked and very tender take it out and on a board run two forks against each other to shred the meat.
(10) Add Gravy or BBQ sauce and stir well.
(11) Re-heat in a pan if requited.
Serve in a Yorkshire Pudding with vegetables of your choice.

Chicken, Mushroom  and Onion Pie

We had the crown of a Chicken left over as we'd used the wings and legs. We also had some Chives from yesterdays meal which we don't normally had in. So Pie it was.....
1 small Chicken crown, roasted
Pastry mix (We used Gluten Free at 89p and followed the instructions on the pack)
2 large Onions
4 large Mushrooms, sliced
Flour & Margarine to make a Roux
Fresh Chives
Fresh Parsley
Salt & Pepper to season 
(1) Fry the Onions gently until softened.
(2) Cut the Chicken into cubes.
(3)  Make a Roux. (margarine and flour) Effectively you need to fry the Flour in the Margarine, add Salt and Pepper and then add milk whilst whisking. You should end up with a reasonably runny White Sauce.
(4) Add the Chicken, Onions, Mushroom, Chives and Parsley to the mix and simmer over a very low heat.
(5) All the Pie base to an oven proof casserole dish.
(6) Add the pastry, bur creative with in if you like?

Djerma Stew - Around the World for £4 or less

Niger – Around the World for £4 or Less
So N takes us to Niger – This is their National Dish
This was a very tasty and different style of meal. I'd not call in a Stew personally, or indeed a Casserole. It was very hearty.
Djerma Stew
Chicken legs and wings cut into portions (Thighs, drummers, wings)
1 Onion, sliced
2 Carrots, sliced
2 Garlic cloves, minced
1 tbsp Paprika
4 fresh Tomatoes & a tin of chopped Tomatoes
½ a tube of Tomato Purée
¼ Curry Powder
1 ½ tsp dried Thyme
1 Bay leaf
1 Stock cube
3 tbsp chopped Parsley
2 Chives, sliced
2 ½ tbsp of Peanut Butter
½ cup of Oil
Sat & Pepper
(1) Season the Chicken with Salt & Pepper.
(2) Fry the Chicken pieces in oil, browning all sides.
(3) Blend the fresh Tomatoes, Tomato Purée, Onions, Garlic and add to the Chicken. Stir in well to combine.
(4) Add the Paprika, Curry Powder, Bay leaf and Stock Cube.
(5) Bring to the boil, then lower the heat to simmer.
(6) Simmer for about 30 minutes or until the Chicken is tender.
(7) Add 2 cups of water, the sliced Carrots, Parsley and Chives.
(8) Cook for a further 5 minutes or until the Carrots are tender.
(9) Remove a cup of the broth and add Peanut Butter. Return to the pan once mixed well.
(10) Allow to simmer until thickened.
(11) Season to taste.
(12) Remove the Bay leaf.
(13) Serve over steamed rice.
Gluten Free Giant Yorkshire Pudding recipe
It occurred to me that although we quite often have Giant Yorkshire puddings, we've not actually added the method as a stand alone recipe.
Omission corrected!
140g Cornflour
3 Eggs
140l Milk
Salt & Pepper to season
Oil for the baking tray
(1) Preheat the oven to 220c.
(2) Place the baking tray with the oil in the oven.
(3) Add Salt & Pepper to the Cornflour in a mixing jug.
(4) Make a well in the middle and gradually stir in the Eggs.
(5) Add the Milk and whisk vigorously until all the ingredients are incorporated.
(6) When the Oil is smoking hot add the mixture.
(7) Cook for 30 to 35 minutes turning the heat down to 200c.
Casserole in a Giant Yorkshire Pudding
As a kid I always called Casserole a Stew (In a sort of descenting voice – to be honest!) So if like me you're not too keen on a great deal of liquid on your plate. There's always a very quick and flling way to deal with it.
(3) Serve the Casserole in the Yorkshire Pudding with mash Potatoes and Vegetable.
(4) Pretend you've just spent £15 a head in a Country Pub!

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