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Lactose and Gluten free Yorkshire Puddings

I bought Sue some Almond Milk yesterday as her morning Tea has been making her feel ill and we wondered if it was the Milk. Almond Milk does not work in Tea! It curdles. So Sue had a play with an experimental Yorkshire Pudding mix….


2 Eggs
45g Corrnflour
45Ml Almond Milk
1 dash of water
Salt & Pepper


(1) mix and whisk vigorously.
(2) Oil a Yorkshire Pudding tin.
(3) Heat in the oven at 220C until smoking hot.
(4) Pour the batter into the tray and cook at 220C for 10 minutes
(5) Turn down to 220C and cook for a further 15 to 20 minutes.

We reheated a bit of gravy with red Cabbage, Peas and some chopped Polish smoked Sausage for a tasty little snack.

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