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Dodgy Spring Rolls recipe

We bought these Rice Wafers from the local Chinese Supermarket. They’ve sat in the draw for months. The main problem is that we thought we could use them as replacements for Wanton Wraps which are Wheat based (Not good for Sue) and the basis of your more traditional Spring Roll. WRONG!

As soon as you soak them in warm water they curl up and weld together in an very annoying clump! So as an experiment I whisked a couple of eggs, dunked the Rice paper disks in tepid water and then egg washed them. Yay it worked!!!! They don’t stick together but the parcels remain intact when you fry them.

I stuffed ours with some shredded left over cooked Chicken, Soy Sauce (Too much actually) grated Carrot, Lettuce etc. They were quite convincing to be fair. Served with the left over Welsh Potato Cake and a thrown together Coleslaw it was a bit of a mongrel dinner, but quite good.

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