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Leftovers Soup!

We have a confession to make…. We often cook far too many vegetables and also end up with bits of leftover meat. Most folk would throw these in the bin, but we’re a bit tight like that. So it all ends up in the freezer in boxes. But the freezer is not a bottomless pit.

So yesterday we had a “Soup Making Day” Nothing goes to waste here. I can’t give you exact ingredients for this soup but basically you’ll need the following.


Vegetables and meat leftovers from the freezer
2 Stock cubes
1 Wuzzer ( We got ours as a freebie via Amazon when we switched energy suppliers) – That’s a food processor to most folk.


(1) Thaw everything you have stored in boxes.
(2) Boil 2 Stock cubes in 500ml of water.
(3) Blitz everything apart from the stock.
(4) Place in a large pan and add enough stock to make a reasonable soup liquidity.
(5) Bring to boil.
(6) If you are not going to eat today allow to cool and freeze in portions.

We have a few verbs and bits an bobs which we are growing in tubs on our balcony, so I dressed the soups up with those, a Gluten free cracker and a bit of grated Cheese. Looks good, tastes better!

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