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Pork Hock Roast

When I worked at the Butcher Geoff (The real butcher! With 45+ years of knowledge) used to grumblingly cut the Hocks off, pop them in boiling bags and shove them in the ham boiler over night. They were a sort of twice weekly special the morning after our delivery and never lasted until lunchtime. We’ve tried Chilli Pork Hock casserole which was really very good. But are they any good roasted (asked nobody apart from us I’m guessing!)

There’s a reason the Geoff popped it the ham boiler. It’s tough as old boots and very greasy roasted! Even slow roasted it didn’t take on the flavour of the liberal bunch of foraged herbs. Yes hands up, this was not a great idea. But Sue’s Gluten free Yorkshire Pudding and stuffing balls saved the day…

The remained is going in a Chilli Pork Hock casserole tonight – at least we know that works!

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