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Stuffed Turkey Thigh

Tunnel boning was one of those little tricks Geoff the master butcher taught me very early on when I worked with him. It’s really easy with a Turkey thigh. With a long sharp pointy knife just cut around the bone from one and to the other and slide the bone out. This makes an ideal cavity for home made stuffing which will keep the meat moist when you roast it. We cut two other pockets through ours to get as much stuffing in as we could.

Sue’s home made Gluten free stuffing.


2 Sausages of your choice with the skins removed
About twice the amount by volume of dry bread crumbs (Home made Gluten free bread in our case)
1 beaten Egg
2 Onion finely chopped
Dried Sage, Dill and Chilli flakes
Tomato Puree
Salt & Pepper


(1) Mix all the ingredients.
(2) Stuff inside the Turkey thigh or form into balls and roast separately.

Clearly we didn’t eat all the thigh. It will be making a return this evening!

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