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Universal Soldier – Gluten free Yorkshire Pudding batter


We had Toad In The Hole with Mashed Potatoes and a veg stir fry last night. Only because the Sausages were on offer at £0.42 for 4!!!! Well actually it is one of our favourite Go-To recipes and it seems I’ve neglected to put the latest batter mix on the site. Things are always evolving here…..


2 eggs
80ml Milk
50G Corn Flour
10g Tapioca Flour
Salt & Pepper


(1) Mix everything and whisk the living daylights out of it. Then whisk it a bit more!
(2) Add oil to a square deep sided tray and pop it in the oven at 225c
(3) Turn down the heat to 225C after 5 minutes.
(4) Quickly pour the batter mix into the tray and cook at 225C until risen and golden brown.
(5) If you are making Toad in the Hole it’s best to pre-cook your sausages and add them to the tray cooked but still hot



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