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Offally Versatility (No Waffles here folks!) and Sag Aloe

Both Liver and Kidney in one dish? Oh why not!


Liver and Kidney
Flour ( Gluten free in our case)
Salt, Pepper, Onion Salt and Garlic Salt – To season the Flour
White Wine Vinegar
Tomato Puree
Chilli Flakes
Reserved Chicken Stock
Salt and Pepper
Tomato Sauce


(1) Cube and coat the Liver & Kidney in Seasoned flour.
(2) Sear on all sides in a bit of oil.
(3) Set the Offal aside and drain the juices into a pan.
(4) To the juices add White Wine Vinegar, Tomato Puree, Chilli Flakes, Pepper, Chicken stock and Tomato Sauce.
(5) Simmer to reduce.
(6) Add Liver and Kidney and Peas to the sauce.

We served ours with Sag Aloe. A very quite an tasty “End of the month” dish.


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