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Hazelnut, Porcini, Sage and Onion Stuffing balls

As part of one of Sue’s birthday presents we have received some dried Porcini mushrooms. We’ve foraged quite a haul of Hazelnuts, it’s been a great year for them. We’ve also picked some fresh Sage. So what to make? We’ve a Sunday afternoon off and we seldom actually have a roast dinner on a Sunday. What’s good with a roast? Stuffing. What’s better with a roast? 80% foraged Gluten free stuffing balls to your own original recipe obviously!

The quantities were just guessed but it really doesn’t matter….


Foraged Hazelnuts, de-shelled (Our neighbours probably hate me as I did ours wrapped in a T-towel using the rolling pin in the kitchen!)
Dried Porcini Mushrooms
Fresh and dried Sage
1 Egg
Bread ( Gluten free in our case )
Butter / Margarine
Salt & Pepper


(1) Sweat the finely chopped Onions in a little Butter / Margarine , Salt & Pepper, dried Sage and set aside.
(2) Using a blender, crumb the Bread, Hazelnuts, Porcini and dried Sage.
(3) Beat the Egg.
(4) Allow everything to cool.
(5) Combine all the ingredients and form into balls.
(6) Place in the oven with your roast of choice for the last 20 minutes in a separate tray.

Best served with a roast dinner. But if you have real issues I guess these (Might) work with grass and seaweed ice-cream. Please if you do try this we don’t want to know!

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