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Hazelnut Butter recipe

Contrary to popular belief Will Keith Kellogg did not invent Peanut Butter. It was actually a Canadian chap called Marcellus Gilmore Edson. But he didn’t have an early autumn glut of Hazelnuts. We do!

So we thought we’d have a pop at Hazelnut Butter…..




(1) Shell the Hazelnuts. If you don’t nave a nut cracker you could aways use a kitchen cloth and rolling pin on a hards surface. Our neibours will again think we’re up to some dreadful DIY gig, or worse!
(2) Heat the oven to 180c and roast the nuts for 15 minutes.
(3) Allow them to cool to room temperature.
(4) In a food processor add a teaspoon of Salt, depending on the amount of nuts you have. It wants to be quite salty without being overpowering.
(5) Blend the roasted nuts until you get a bread crumb consistency.
(6) In a bowl add oil a little at a time until everything will fold together in a firm dough. Check for salt and add a little extra to suite your taste if required.
(7) Spoon into a jar and store in the fridge.

I’m not expecting our trial batch to last long. But there’s a high risk that I’ll be making a much bigger batch when I’m next not supervised!


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