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Indian Style Mushroom Stiffing Balls

This is going to sound very odd. But experiments sometimes work!

I found some Shaggy Ink Caps in the communal area near the flat. Although they are really good eating they degrade quickly and really don’t store well. So they need eating the day you pick them realistically. We also had an opened pack of Bombay Mix which had gone a bit soggy. Not a great ingredients list so far?!


Soggy Bombay Mix!
4 large Shaggy Ink Caps
Water - If required


(1) In a food processor blitz the Bombay mix.
(2) Add the Ink Caps and blitz everything. The mushrooms contain a good deal of water so you will end up with something which is reasonably wet.
(3) If needed add a little more water to make the dough manageable.
(4) Form into balls and pop in the oven for the last 20 minutes with your roast.

There is an old wives tale that you shouldn’t eat Shaggy Ink Caps and drink Alcohol. It is just that – An old wives tale. They are a very good “Beginners Mushroom” for foraging as there is nothing similar looking which will do you any harm.

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