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Lacto Fermented Garlic

There’s a Polish Deli just around the corner. We love Garlic. But I might have over done it with the 5 bulbs I bought last week. So what is the traditional / historic way to deal with an excess of Garlic?


Garlic cloves, cut in half - lots of!
2 table spoons of salt
2 table spoons of sugar
Dill Seeds, whole (They have the Lactobacillus bacteria you need)
Black Pepper Corns (They also the have Lactobacillus bacteria you need)


(1) Add the Salt and Sugar to the water. It will dissolve over time. Don’t heat it as you will kill the bacteria.
(2) Cover the Garlic cloves, Dill seeds and Pepper Corns in the brine.
(3) Pour into a sealable jar and pop the lid on.
(4) Vent every day, more often as the fermentation peaks. (You will fill the house with the smell of Garlic!)
(5) After a month or so the fermentation will die off. Good to eat. But only use ½ the amount which you would have with fresh Garlic!!!!


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