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Vegetarian Pattie

Let’s not go down the “Fake Meat Burger” road. Impossible Meats are doing very nicely from both positive and negative media coverage of the recent Burger King Impossible Whopper debacle in the USA and from a personal point of view (Tony) I have an bit of an issue with Vegetarian / Vegan meat ‘Substitutes’ being intentionally made to look like bits of dead animals. If you want to eat a vegetable based diet then good for you.


Finely grated vegetables of your choice – We used Mushroom, Beetroot, Carrots, Onion and Spring Onions
Grated raw Potato with the excess water squeezed out
Dried Parsley
Fried Mint
Flour (Gluten free in our case) – Just enough to make the mixture form-able
1 Beaten Egg
Salt & Pepper
Oil to fry


(1) Mix everything excluding the Flour in a large bowl.
(2) Add just enough Flour so that you can form the Pattie shape and it won’t flatten under its own weight.
(3) Heat the oil in a frying pan to a medium heat and fry gently on both sides.
(4) Transfer to a grill tray in a pre-heated oven at160c and cook for a further 20 minutes

We actually have these as a side with a home made Pie and Peas. But they were very filling and would have worked pretty well with some salad and Cheese in a bun. (Still avoiding the Burger gig you’ll note!)


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