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Winter Veg

We tend to get stuck in a loop with vegetables for some reason. Peas, Red Cabbage and spuds seem to have become our “Go-To” choice recently. So we thought we’d have a bit of a change yesterday. Although the Spuds are still there….

Because of the global supply network, be it a good or (more probably) bad thing the majority of regularly used vegetables are available all year round in the supermarkets and local retailers. But if you buy seasonal veg you will notice that they tend to be UK grown more often than not. This has to be a good thing surely?

So last nights veg was:-

Boiled Cabbage
Roast Parsnips
Roast Potatoes

All UK grown and with a bit of slow roast Pork shoulder and home made gravy it was a meal your granny would have been proud of on a very cost effective budget.

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