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Turkey Running Gear #4

OK it was a very tasty Turkey, Leak, Bacon and Mushroom pie. This is actually the fourth meal we’ve had from a Turkey Thigh and Drummer with enough left for a good home grown Curry this evening. No bad going for £4.02!

So far we’ve squeezed the following out of it:-

A roast dinner
An Omelette
Two portions of Pie each
and the Curry this evening.

So a bit of number crumbling = £0.42p for the protein component of 10 servings. Yes we’re tight Yorkshire folk. But even for us that seems pretty good going.

As I’ve hijacked the kitchen for the last few days and burnt myself out yesterday prating about with a blunt saw (Don’t ask!) this was Sue’s creation. Hence the artistic presentation, rather than my more “Industrial” approach…...


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