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Saturday Politics Avoidance

There was a very unpleasant Political feel in the air yesterday morning. As we are still on Lock-Down our main news source in the Internet. But on this occasion our gut feeling was correct. Yesterday was best avoided entirely and spent in the kitchen!

So we made Ginger Beer, Fresh Rosemary and Sage Ciabatta and a Turkey Drummer and Vegetable Pie...

Ginger Beer ingredients:-

15g Dried Ginger Powder
400g Sugar
The juice of 1 Lime & 1 Lemon
2l Water (initially)
1 tbsp Yeast ( Ours was from the local Polish Shop and had Yeast Nutrient added )

Makes 4 ½ Litres


(1) In a large pan heat the water to dissolve the Sugar.
(2) Add the Ginger, take off the heat and stir well.
(3) Add the Lime & Lemon juice and stir.
(4) Allow to cool to 20c to 30c so you don’t crack your bottle.
(5) Decant into a Demijohn.
(6) Mix the feast in a jug of cool water and add to the Demijohn.
(7) Top up with sufficient water so the is only a very small air space.
(8) Pop your air tray in and give it all a good swirl.
(9) Leave alone for a week if you want it weak, or two weeks or more for a stronger brew. It’s fine to drink “Live”and cloudy.

Fresh Rosemary and Sage Ciabatta ingredients:-

240g Self raising Gluten free flour
½ tsp Salt
The chopped leaves from 2 sprigs of fresh Rosemary and 3 sprigs of fresh Sage
240ml Milk
2 Cloves of Garlic, minced
4tbsp Mayonnaise


(1) Mix all the ingredients to a batter sort of consistency.
(2) Preheat the oven to 200c.
(3) Pour into a Bread Tin and cook for 30 minutes or until it golden brown. Decorate with a few herb leaves if you wish.
(4) Tip out onto a cooling rack.

Turkey Drummer and Vegetable Pie.

I’m guessing not instructions are need for making a Pie? We had quite a bit of odds & bobs of vegetables which needed using up. So we roasted and cooled the drummer. Stripped the meat from the quills and bone. Sue made a white sauce and added the various bits of veg. We had a few balls of excess Gluten free Pastry in the freezer to go on the top….. Pie for us for the next couple of days then!

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