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Casserole Pizza in a Yorkshire Pudding

This is not so much of a recipe as a collection of leftovers assembled into something pretty amazing, if perhaps unusual. But as I joked last night - It’s could well be a future Pub Classic!

We had Bean and Pork Casserole laft from Friday evening (Recipe here)

So we made Gluten free Yorkshire Puddings ( Recipe here). Heated the Casserole and spooned it into the Yorkshire Pud and added sliced Chorizo and grated Mozzarella, both of which we had in the fridge. Popped the whole gig back in the oven for the Cheese to melt - Oh these were tasty.

I did ask what we were going to have with these. Sue rightly said a few Peas would be enough. They were very filling for something made from leftovers!


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