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Garlic Sour Dough Bread

Shop bought sliced Gluten free bread is OK for some things but really not great for others. That why we often make our own bread.

There is a network of Food Banks and ‘Pay as you feel’ cafes in our part of York.We have a friend who spends a great deal of his time collecting and distributing ‘End of life’ food.  Unfortunately some of this can’t be given away and ultimately he composts what he can’t get rid of. He gave us a Warburtons Gluten free Sour Dough Cob a few weeks ago. This was the equivalent gift value as giving Sue a Gold ingot - She cuddled it like a baby.

So it was frozen intact and we saw slices off it when we have something in mind which calls for good bread.


Sour Dough Bread, sliced thickly
Garlic (Lacto-fermented in our case), minced
Fresh Parsleys (From our balcony), finely chopped
Mixed Herbs


(1) Mix everything in an old Margarine tub. Sue makes the Garlic ‘Butter’ in batches which keep well in the fridge.
(2) Spread the Garlic ‘Butter’ generously on both sides of the sliced Bread.
(3) Pop in a sandwich toaster, or in a griddle pan and cook until browned evenly.

A great side to go with Pasta Bolognese. The Mince was on special in a 500g pack, so we have a second helping each for this evening which we’ll serve with Potato wedges and Tortilla chips. 


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