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Chicken Laver Kiev

Following our visit to the local Chinese supermarket last week we’ve been playing with Seaweed quite a bit. Sad I know! But we wondered if it would work in an experimental Chicken Kiev – Oh did it work!


Chicken Breasts – One per person
Back Bacon
Dried Seaweed, finely chopped
Gruyère Cheese, skinned and cut into strips
Home made Garlic Butter


(1) Roll the Garlic Butter in a bit of film and place in the freezer until solid.
(2) Cut a pouch in the Chicken Breast.
(3) Mix the Seaweed into the Garlic Butter and pop in the freezer to harden.
(4) Cut a piece of the Garlic Butter and stuff into the pouch in the breast.
(5) Wrap each breast in Bacon.
(6) Rub the outer of the Bacon with more Garlic Butter.
(7) Oil a tray and place in the pre-heated oven at 180C for about 30 minutes.
(8) Layer the Gruyère over the top of the Bacon.
(9) Place under the grill to melt and crisp the Cheese.

Baby Sweetcorn, Mange Tout, a bit of left-over home made Mooli Coleslaw and some hand cut chips – Sorted.

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