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Celeriac – A seasonal Unsung HeroWe often post about meat. Our usual way of shopping is to find a low cost piece of meat in the reductions and build a meal around it. That's mostly my fault (Tony) as I'd make a very poor Vegetarian! But we don't often mention the vegetables specifically.
So Celeriac......
It's a sort of universal soldier for us at the moment. The local supermarket have them at £1 each and as they are priced per item you can get a very substantial chap for very little, weight for weight compared with other veg at the moment. OK they look quite unimpressive, knobbly, off white and are hard going to cut raw. But they are worth the effort. Another advantage is that unlike many root vegetables they don't discolour when you've cut them, so you can store a cut one in the fridge for days and come back to it. 
We've enjoyed:-
  • Home made Celeriac Coleslaw – Just cut lumps and grate it with Carrots, Onions etc. and mix in Mayonnaise.
  • Carrot and Celeriac mash. Use the Celeriac instead of Swede.
  • Boiled Celeriac batons.
  • Roasted Celeriac.
  • Celeriac in casseroles and Hotpots
Yes this picture is another Sunday roast, but the star of this show were the Celeriac Chips.
(1) Cut the Celeriac into slim chip sized batons.
(2) Par boil to soften slightly.
(3) Deep fry.
It's a versatile beast. Enjoy! 

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