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Lacto-Fermented Cauliflower recipeIt's not often we have much leftover, but sometimes there are offers at the supermarkets you can't refuse. If you find yourself awash with vegetables of any description and you like pickles, Lacto-Fermenting is your friend.
Basically all you need are 8 level table spoons of salt per litre of water dissolved and cooled to room temperature and whatever vegetables you fancy.
Sue likes pickled Cauliflower, we added a bit of Chilli to spice it up a little. The Dill seeds are added as they act as a 'Starter Kit' and naturally have the desired bacteria. Most vegetables have it on them anyway, so they're not essential. If after 3 weeks in a cupboard the contents of the sealed jar smell like a pickle you're onto a winner. If they smell rotten, then maybe not good eating!
Sufficient brine to fill as many jars as you are using.
Your choice of vegetables chopped, sliced, broken up or just shoved into the jars really!
(1) Add the vegetables and brine to the bottles.
(2) Seal.
(3) Put away for 3 weeks.
(4) Enjoy.
It couldn't be much easier really and it's a great way of preserving.

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