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Giant Yorkshire Pudding new recipe

Giant Yorkshire Puddings are a favourite here. A great way to fill up with inexpensive ingredients. But they do offer a bit of a challenged as Sue cannot have any Wheat / Gluten in here diet for medical reasons. So her recipe is always evolving. Jake from York Secret Helpers provided us with some Arrowroot from a commercial ingredients donation which they had received. Always good to try new recipe variations Sue created this. At first we though it was going to be a total failure. But it's just a slow starter! The results as you can see were pretty impressive. What you can't see in the picture is that the texture was considerably better than our previous recipe without the “Suggy bottom” Yorkshires sometimes have. In fact this is probably better than the traditional Wheat based recipe....
100g Arrowroot
40g Potato Flour
3 Eggs
140Ml Milk
Salt & Pepper to season
(1) Mix the Arrowroot, Potato Flour, Eggs, Salt and Pepper and combine well.
(2) Place a deep sided oven tray with Oil in the over on 220C to heat until smoking hot.
(3) Add the Milk and give your batter a really good whisk.
(4) Pour the batter into the oven tray and cook on the middle shelf for 30minutes, until golden brown.
We have ours with a roast Chicken dinner with lots of vegetables and gravy with the roasting juices from the Chicken.

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