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Chilli and Lime slow roasted Turkey Drummer

A bit of a different take on an old favourite yesterday. To add a bit of citrus zest Sue grated and squeezed a Lime over the drummer with the usual Chilli flakes. The thigh and drummer packs are usually crabbed for the freezer when they are on offer as we easily make three meals out of them. There is very little waste compared with a Chicken for example. The only fiddly bit is extracting the Quills from the drummer which are actually the tendons.


1 Turkey drummer
The zest and juice of a Lime
2 Onions
2 Gloves of Garlic
Dried Basil
Chilli flakes
Salt & Pepper


(1) Slice the Onions to line the bottom of an over tray and add a little oil.
(2) Grate the Garlic and sprinkle over the Onions.
(3) Place the drummer over the Onion and Garlic and zest and squeeze the Lime over the top. Pop the rind in with the Onions for an additional citrus kick.
(4) Sprinkle with Chilli flakes, dried Basil, salt & Pepper and drizzle with a little oil.
(5) Cover in foil and place in a pre-heated over at 170C
(6) Gently roast until the meat is beginning to fall off the bone.
(7) Set aside to rest until the meat is cool enough to handle.
(8) By running I fork through the meat at the narrow end you will be able to find the quills easily and pull them free of the meat by hand.

We had Gluten free Yorkshire puddings, Onion gravy, Carrots, New Potatoes and crispy deep fried Kale with ours. The Lime certainly adds a notable citrus kick which was very tasty.


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