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Pulled Pork, Leek and two Cheese Pie

We’ve had a good old rummage around the Internet and as far as we can see we’ve actually invented a new Pie. Pulled Pork, Leek and two Cheese Pie had to have chips and beans with it really - Well Potato Wedges at least.

We’ve been experimenting with ways to get the most out of a £5.38 boneless Pork shoulder joint. So far we’ve had:-

Pulled Pork Ploughman's
A home made Pulled Pork Curry
Pulled Pork, Leek and two Cheese Pie

Our invented pie went from a bit of a joke to a reality in a couple of hours. Sue made the pastry and Pulled Pork while I was working and we assembled and baked our heart shaped pies yesterday evening. I’ll probably be munching on left overs this morning for breakfast as the pies were quite large and very satisfying / filling….



Plain Flour (Gluten free in our case)
Ice cold Water

The measurement for a basic pastry dough are available on-line, but you are looking for a fairly firm dough so you can press it into your pasrty cases and stays in place.


(1) Mix the ingredients in a large bowl to form a firm pastry.
(2) Wrap in film and place to rest in the over for at least ½ an hour.

Pulled Pork – We’re not overly keen on BBQ stile Pulled Pork, so this is Sue’s alternative.


Pulled Pork, separated into rough strands
Tomato Ketchup
Cider Vinegar
Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper


(1) Mix everything together.
(2) Add extra vinegar if required so the the mixture is fairly loose.
(3) Cover and place in the fridge for 20 minutes or so.

Other bits & Bobs


¼ a Leek softened in Oil on a low heat.
Red Leicester Cheese, grated
Brie, cut up
Melted Maragine
Pie tins or formers, well oiled

Building  you pie

(1) Roll your chilled pastry out and use your pie tin and a template to cut tops for each pie.
(2) Press pastry into the pie former / tin to make the base and walls.
(3) Add a layer of Pulled Pork.
(4) On top of this sprinkle grated Red Leicester.
(5) Add a layer of softened Leek.
(6) Over the Leek add a layer of chipped Brie and press everything down.
(7) Press the tops onto your pies and seal.
(8) Brush with melted Margarine.
(9) Pop in the over at 180c for about 45 minutes until the pastry is golden.

Enjoy, if anybody ever replicates this pie please let us have some pictures!

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