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Brunch Burger

Ummm – Don’t ask! Actually there is a strange login behind these rather excessive burgers and no we didn’t eat them all in one sitting. We’ll be snacking all day I’m guessing….

We don’t throw anything away unless it’s totally dead. But this means that the freezer slowly gets clogged up with bits and bobs we’ve saved. So in the hope of clearing a bit of space we went rummaging / freezer mining. Here’s the list of (Uninspiring) ingredients we extracted…

Freezer Finds:-

1 pack of pre-made Gluten free buns.
½ a pie worth of Pork Pie filling with Beetroot juice.
A forgotten box of Potato Waffles.
A pack of Polish Smoked Ham.

Not a very promising collection of ingredients. But there was the foundation of The Brunch Burger lurking in there somewhere….

So with the addition of a bit of fresh minced Beef, fresh Salad, some grated Cheese, a couple of fried Eggs, a bit of left over Chilli sauce, some hand cut chips and a few home made Onion ring - we set to work.

The assembly! (This is hardly a recipe, as you would know it!)

(1) Sue made some Thousand Island sauce.
(2) I coated and pre-fried the Onion Rings.
(3) Sue hand pressed both the Pork and Beef burgers and put them in the fridge to rest.
(4) I Cut and pre-fried the Chips.
(5) Sue fried the burgers and put them under in the oven with the grated Cheese over the top to melt.
(6) Sue cut the Ham very thin then grilled it.
(7) Assembly commenced!
(8) Sue grilled the buns.
(9) She spread the Thousand Island sauce over the bottom half bun.
(10) Added Salad and sliced Tomatoes.
(11) Next came the fried Waffle with heated Chilli sauce.
(12) The burgers with melted Cheese were added next.
(13) Pop the fried Egg and top bun on and secure everything with a skewer.
(14) Add the Onion rings on top and server with chips and home made Coleslaw.

Sorry this reads more like a Haynes manual for a 1960s Mini. But nobody in their right mind is likely to follow this as a recipe really!


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