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Chick in the Hole – Version #2

Our original “Chick in the Hole” experiment for Yorkshire Pudding Day was pretty good. The recipe is here But clearly a Chicken dinner needs stuffing even if it’s been shoehorned into a giant Yorkshire Pudding! So….

There are a Sage bush and a Rosemary bush just down the road. Armed with fresh herbs and a bit of time we cobbled this new version together.

Gluten free Yorkshire Pudding with finely chopped Rosemary added. Half a roasted Chicken in the middle. Surrounded by home made Gluten free Sage & Onion Stuffing balls. Oh and lashing of gravy after I'd taken the picture!

Unfortunately typing is difficult this morning, I may have inavertently bitten a few fingers off scrabbling for the left overs this morning!


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