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Chilli Injected Scotch Eggs recipeOK Scotch Eggs are a bit fiddly to do at home, But hayho. We're good for a challenge, so we decided to see if we could get Chilli into the yoke as well!
(Per person)
1 Gluten free Sausage, skinned
1 egg
Herbs and spices to your liking to add to the Sausage meat
Gluten free Bread crumbs, again add herbs and spices as you wish
1 egg beaten
Chilli flakes
(1) Boil your egg(s) until very soft and remove into cold water.
(2) Go to the shop and buy a lolly pop! The stick make a great tool....
(3) While your eggs cool mix the herbs into your Sausage meat and Bread crumbs to taste.
(4) Cut the lolly pop off the stick.
(5) Very carefully remove the shell from the egg.
(6) Use the plastic stick from your Lolly Pop to make a hole in the side of the egg down to the soft yoke.
(7) Poke your Chilli flakes into the centre of the egg.
(8) Heat the oven to 160c and a fryer to 160c
(9) Coat the egg in Sausage meat by hand.
(10) Roll in your beaten egg.
(11) Coat in Bread crumbs.
(12) Roll in egg again and e-coat in Bread crumbs.
(13) Place in the oven for 20 minutes on parchment paper.
(14) Remove the oven and fry until the coating is golden brown.
(15) Enjoy the Chilli hit!

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