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All Day Breakfast #4556

This looks like a plated representation of gluttony. But we only really eat one meal a day and sometimes we fancy something simple, i.e. not experimental! Although if you read on, quite a few of the items are our own creations…...

Working around the plate from 12 O'clock.

(1) Home made Gluten free (fried) Bread. This recipe had a typo and should have use warm water. So we ended up with quite a dense and flat loaf. But it held up well to frying, certainly better than the Mayo based version we usually bake.

(2) Tokneneng. A battered boiled Egg recipe from the Philippines we're very keen on.

(3) Bacon. We’ve not got around to curing our own Bacon yet, but it’s on the to-do list. When next we have a bit of spare cast I’ll order some Potassium Nitrate from a home curing website I know. (No I’m not ordering flours of Sulphur and Carbon Black, so no need to inform the Bomb Squad – The base ingredients for Gun Powder, for those who don’t know!)

(4) Hash Browns. The last stragglers in the freezer, so we cleared a bit of space!

(5) Baked Beans. Sadly these were from a tin. But again it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that we will make our own at some stage….

(6) Yellow Sticker Pork & Bramley Apples sausages. Please don’t tempt me into buying a DIY Sausage extruder. That’s effectively how Sue and I met. When I worked in the Butchers one of my main functions was sausage making. I used to stop by at the pub where Sue was the Chef for a pint on my way home. Often covered in Pork mince!

(7) Fried Mushrooms. I’m pretty sure we’d get in trouble if we filled the spare room with well rotted Horse Manure. So growing enough Mushrooms at home to cover the amount we eat is probably a no-go…..

Out of shot we had DIY Tomato Ketchup and DIY Brown Sauce. Because we’re a bit sad like that!!!!

I've linked all the recipes we used. But the direct links are below, if you need them.

Gluten free Bread -

Tokneneng -

DIY Tomato Ketchup -

DIY Brown Sauce -

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