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Disaster Aversion Culturally Disrespectful Tapas!

A few days ago I commented that we don't like things going to waste. I think I doomed us.
We have been gifted two fridges, which is great as we don't have a freezer we've been able to use the freezer boxes to store left-overs when we cook too much and the odd “Special Offer” I come across in the supermarkets. But then..... One of the fridges went a little mad the other evening and froze everything. So if it want's to be a freezer that's cool ( Well colder then cool actually! ) but frozen Carrots, Celeriac, salad etc. is not a great gig when it thaws out. So we had to swap the fridges around, accept that one is now pretending to be a freezer and use up everything we could salvage this evening.
This was the unholy but very tasty result......
Oh a bit of dressed salad!

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