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Penang Char Kway Teow

Well it seems an odd combination for an Asian recipe. But we’ll give anything a go….

Sauce Ingredients:-

2 Tbsp of Oyster Sauce (Gluten free here)
2 Tbsp of Soy Sauce (Gluten free here)
1 Tbsp of Chilli Paste
1 Tbsp of Fish Sauce
1 Tbsp of Honey
½ a Tsp of White Pepper
1 Tsp of Cuttle Fish Paste

Main Ingredients:-

120g of Rice Noodles
2 Shallots, finely diced
4 Cloves of Garlic, minced
10 King Prawns
100g of Pickled Cockles, drained
2 Eggs
100g of Bean Sprouts
20g of Chives, cut lengthways
2 Sweet Chilli Sausages, sliced
2 Red Chillies, sliced
Oil to fry


(1) Add the Sauce ingredients to a bowl, mix well and set aside.
(2) Cook the Noodles according to the packet instructions making sure that they are pliable but not over done.
(3) Heat Oil in a large frying pan and add the Shallots and Garlic, fry until softened.
(4) Add the Sausage and Prawns and cook for a further 2 minutes until almost cooked.
(5) Drain and add the Noodles and stir in.
(6) Add the Cockles to the Sauce ingredients and stir into the Noodles.
(7) Continue to cook until the majority of the Sauce has evaporated.
(8) Push everything to one side of the pan and add the Eggs.
(9) Pile the Noodles over the Eggs and cook for a further 30 seconds, then stir well.
(10) Turn the heat off and add the Bean Sprouts and chopped Chives
(11) Garnish with sliced Chives, Spring Onions and Chillies.

We might be becoming Asian Food snobs. Although all the regular ingredients were there, we thought this dish was missing something. Can’t win them all….


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